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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Two weeks ago I got a brilliant idea! I decided to turn some of my art into greeting or note cards that were print on demand - cards with my designs where people could download a file, print it out on their own computer and in a few easy steps have an original and fun greeting card to mail out - all for only $2! No running to the store for an emergency card, no five dollar run of the mill cards anymore - only Easy Greeting Cards by PopArtDiva! Cool idea, huh?

I got so excited that I spent almost every waking hour (and a few unwaking hours!) working on this new project and business! This, of course, threw me off balance - it took away hours from other projects and most of my own personal down time too. But I don't think about this when I'm chomping at the bit to launch new projects - it only hits me when my physical body begins to complain at the lack of balance and personal pampering time.

So today I want to talk a little about balance because my friend Eileen, from Feisty Side of Fifty, wrote a wonderful post about that exact subject that inspired me to reinspect the balance in my life - again.

Now, one of my largest problems in balancing my life is the fact that I love my work! This would seem to be a good thing - and it is - but it is also sometimes the factor in unbalancing your personal and business sides! As you can see from my experience with launching Easy Greeting Cards, I tend to lean towards working 24/7. This is a habit that tends to tilt my life a little heavy on the business side - making my personal side a little light in the final analysis. (Example: Below are other new designs I thought of and created and uploaded to The PopArtDiva Boutique during my Easy Greeting Card Marathon!)Why the Elvis image? Because January 8th was Elvis Birthday and I did a week long Elvis Tribute at The PopArtDiva Baby Boomer Blog!

Now, when I retired from the art shows I got an extra little gift called Weekends - for nearly 30 years a weekend for me was just a set of 18 hour days of extra work setting up a portable store and selling from dawn to dusk. Then suddenly I got Weekends back - my God, I didn't know what to do with all those extra hours! I was so excited that I took the first few weekends and enjoyed them! I did mani-pedis, I read the newspaper and books, I fixed some things - I puttered! Holy blooming cow, I puttered - little old type Triple-A, workaholic me diddled around doing nothing of value!

Guess what, I felt rested, happy and more energized for working!? Duh-oh - boink - slap me on the forehead. . . . getting rest is good for you??? So I decided right then and there that Saturdays were going to be, at least partly, time for catching up on my personal things and not all work.

Sundays - Well, Sundays were going to be sacrosanct! Sundays were going to be for me and only little ole me. My newly painted toes, my book reading, my boob tube watching, my lazing in the bed until 9 am, me, myself and I. And it was my day to post to this blog because this blog is about my art and creating a better life for myself through that art and (guess what?) - Balance!

Of course, being the little creative workazoid that I am - I got excited over some new art project and I violated my own rules - working on both Saturdays and Sundays ALL DAY - several times! It's so easy to slide back into old patterns, isn't it?

But two steps forward and one step back is still one step forward! And I'm getting right back on my Sacred Sunday Bandwagon today!! See - I am posting to this blog again and later I'm painting my little toes and watching a bunch of really pointless DVDs! Thank you, Eileen, for reminding me to keep my balance!

VISUALIZE VISUALIZE: I see myself out in the beautiful California weather, having a luxurious lunch by the seaside - martini in hand, umbrella shading me from freckles and a lovely sea breeze ruffling my spiky coiffure - on Sunday!
I see myself taking a work day off to go to Disneyland for my birthday this coming week!
I see myself driving to the beach, lunch basket and Pixel on the seat, and great Beach Boy tunes playing to get me in the mood for Newport Beach, sun, sand and the sounds of the ocean
I see myself living a more balanced life as I pay more respect to my personal needs.
IT'S ALL IN HOW YOU LOOK AT IT: Here's the funny thing about taking a little time for yourself and giving your personal life a little respect - it's the one thing that recharges you to work and give to others. A little well balanced selfishness is a very good thing! Mom, sorry, but you're guilt has lost it's flavor - I believe in good selfishness because I believe in me!

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: I am so grateful for Weekends. I am grateful for Eileen reminding me to have Weekends and bring balance back into my life.
I am also grateful for the wonderful California weather and being able to sit outside and soak up a bit of sun when I take a break from work.
I am grateful for a happy Pixel who loves this weather too.
I am grateful for friends who give my life meaning.
I am grateful for you, my reader, for giving my blogs a reason to be written!