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Friday, March 7, 2008

Pop Art Pet Portrait - The Duke!

I just finished this Pop Art Pet Portrait Commission for a client and it turned out really nice. The client is so happy she's ordered t-shirts, cards and stationary as well as the 10x24 Canvas Giclee. Should I tell her I can get her coffee cups too?

Unlike some of those pop art portrait sites that take your photo and simply do a high contrast posterized image in black and white and then drop a few cubes of background colors behind them, I take a good amount of time to get the right contrast as well as the details that are individual to each subject. Here I added some extra whiskers for movement, dropped in some dog tags that would float outside the box, included some of "Duke's" own toys and his favorite sports teams, as well as his namesake in the section backgrounds and a couple of cookies - embossed with his name!

Additionally, there were quite a few really great photos of him that I decided to use in the background as the design element and I toned the over all colors to blend in with the home decor.

The final art is a 10" x 24" Giclee on a 2" Gallery Wrap Canvas and I provided the pastel rainbow background large enough so the colors wrap around the entire canvas, sides included, the final cost for the original art and the 10x24 giclee was $425.00, shipping included. Not bad for an original work of art of your favorite pet.

If you're interested in getting your own pop art portrait - be it of your little fuzzy family member or one not quite as hairy - feel free to contact me by e-mail at for a quote.


Pam Archer said...


You amaze me with your talent! This is darling. I would love to fill my home and shop with your art pieces. Maybe some day I will get to purchase some.

What a cool idea with the t-shirts, etc. What about designing a purse for her with his picture on it?

Pam Archer

PopArtDiva said...

Thanks,Pam. He's a cute dog, huh?

I'd love to find a way to get my pop culture art on purses!

Right now I'm resizing all my art for products on my PopArtDiva Boutique at CafePress and I'll have my art available as mugs, t-shirts, aprons, pillows, greeting cards, tiles and other products.

I'd love to license my images for all sorts of products - any licensing agents out there??