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Sunday, December 21, 2008


Though I've been a little remiss in posting here the last few months because of my big move home to California, I have not been sitting idle! If you remember from my last post at the end of October I was notified I would have to move by the first of December.

This created a lot of work finding a new place to live, packing and uprooting my life but it also gave me my opportunity to move back home to California. On top of moving I still had to maintain my sites, create holiday art for my online store, The PopArtDiva Boutique, and continue to write and create art and content for my blogs, as well as finish up a large ad campaign. So, I have been busy creating even while I was boxing up 13 years of my life!

Below are some of the designs I've done for holiday products (Christmas and Halloween art and designs are always fun), plus a really funny parody on Starbucks Coffee inspired by one of their mugs I got as a gift from a friend, as well as a sketch for the baby boomer comic book novel I'm working on. I also did about 50 ads for that big campaign but won't bore you with posting those!

Needless to say November was a very busy and very stressful month for me. I asked the Universe/God for a new home in California and I got it! Now, I didn't get exactly what I wanted. . . because I didn't ask for exactly what I wanted. And that is a big thing I learned recently, you really do have to "be careful what you ask for" - and you have to be specific!

I asked to be living in California and I am. I even did sketches of my kitchen, bedroom and my bathroom and if you scroll down to my previous post you'll see the sketches I created to help with my visualization of my new home. I have all these wonderful things and I love them, but I forgot to put them just a little closer to the ocean in my drawings and my thoughts! So I am living in California inland from the beach a few hours! See, you have to get those details in!!!

But, never fear! This is a temporary home for the time being, a respite and an oasis in my migration West while I wait for my beach home to manifest! Yes, it is coming and all that is required on my part is a little patience! (Oh, that word - patience - not my strongest suit! But that is a life lesson for another day - today I am focusing on visualizations and how to fine tune them!)

So, as I head into the New Year I am happily living back in California where the sun is gentle upon my face, Pixel has a huge house and yard to play in and there is a Trader Joe's down the street. That's because I asked for and saw those wonderful things in my future and brought them into existance. Now I need to add an ocean breeze and some sand under my toes to the picture!

AND I'm going to Disneyland for my Birthday next month! Why? Because when I saw that ad on TV I "saw" myself there for my 58th Birthday! I wanted it and I visualized it, complete with all my friends! I might be missing a little bit of sand for a while but I'll be happily getting my picture taken with Mickey Mouse and all my BFFs in three weeks!

I am going to be drawing up some pictures that have beach umbrellas, footprints in the sand and some flip flops nearby to bring my beach home closer and closer. I will also be visualizing myself working long hours at the computer designing ads and laying out my books. I will also be visualizing sun screen for Pixel - she's a blond and you know how they burn!

Though this is a wonderful house and it's in a beautiful area with rolling hills and civilization it's not exactly where I want to be forever. But it's fine for now and I'm seeing this as sort of an extended vacation in a beautiful country inn - something like a place I would rent to work on a book and have some solitude! I feel like I'm living in the French country side temporarily but when my book is finished I'll be heading back to my beach house!

  • I am extremely grateful for my country house sabatical
  • I am grateful for the California sun and even the little Winter Wonderland that came in and surprised me this last week with 4 inches of snow and snowflakes the size of a half dollar!
  • I am really grateful for Trader Joes, movie theaters closeby, beautiful sunsets, martinis with friends and some great dinners!
  • I am grateful I will be spending Christmas with good friends and I got to buy and wrap Christmas presents again.
  • I am grateful for my Christmas Tree with Pixel by my side and Holiday Martinis by the fire
  • I am grateful for new beginnings


Kathie M. Thomas said...

I was told a long time ago to be specific about what you want from God. You will always get what you asked for but if it's not specific then it may not turn out as you would like.

I am keen to shift to the country and had my eyes set on a house with 1/2 acre of land that would have been perfect for us but it got sold a week ago :-( We're not quite ready yet and have only just begun looking. However God knows what we want and I have to remain patient until the time is right.

Pop Art Diva! said...

Yes, sometimes we also need to be aware that what we think we want is not always the best thing for us!

cindy said...

Pixel is so cute! I'm glad you're posting to this blog. I'm enjoying it.

Pop Art Diva! said...

Thanks Cindy - I don't get to post as often as I'd like but I try to update once a week if I can.

Yes, I agree, my little Pixel is adorable - gotta love "the Pix", lol!