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Sunday, February 22, 2009


I've been busy this week designing graphics for another new project I started called The Boomer Power Crusade. Yeah, I know, another project? But I got all excited after a Growing Bolder Twitter chat at AgeOp on the problems facing Boomers in today's world and the best way for me to make any statement is with art!

The top design is the first one and was sort of my template for the series called "DOWN WITH AGEISM" - a retro styled graphic with the main element being a protest sign and an empowering message bordering the sign's statement. This design allows me to change the background graphic and the sign's message to create new crusade goals. I did up a few more (below) and have since been jotting down slogans for the rest of the series of Boomer Protest Art.

I have to be honest with you - this is a fun group of graphics and illustrations for me. I get to do the kind of graphic art that I like and I get to be a little smart ass at the same time. Happy, happy, joy, joy! I love tongue in cheek, in your face humor - as long as it's tasteful and not too raunchy!

I also created another design for The Feisty Side of Fifty's soon to be launched Cafe Press boutique - Sixty, Sassy & Sensational (below) and I'm working on 3 more for Eileen which will be included in the next blog post. If my designs have a similar theme as Eileen's it's because Eileen, Joyce Mason (Hot Flashbacks, Cool Insights) and I are going to be putting together another little project where we are all involved as a group (more on that later!)

Plus I'm working on a web design and web graphics for an ad client of mine. I don't really look for web design jobs, in fact I kind of avoid it nowadays, but if a client asks I'll do one for them. Frankly, I think doing web design as a profession is going to be extinct very soon - there are many online platforms that 90% of would be web owners can use themselves, including blogging platforms. (I myself will probably be testing out a new online web platform called Square Space for my next major website.)

BUT, that being said, there is still a huge market for a web graphics designer - because no matter how easy it is to put content on a website - making the graphics and art content requires more than a graphics software program. It requires a trained graphic designer. It doesn't hurt if that designer is also experienced in marketing and advertising! Yes, that would be me - d'oh!

While I've been busy creating, Pixel (my Yorkipoo) has been busy pretending to be a mother. She's in her bi-annual nesting mode and is hormonal as all get out. And I emphasize the "moan" part - she's whining almost non-stop. And she insists on carrying around her "baby" - a little hot dog squeeky toy that has seen better days. She will not drop it, she frets if it comes up missing and she won't even let go of it long enough to eat a cookie! Poor baby - the doggy estrogen is rampaging, thank heaven this only lasts a week or so! I'm forced to work with headphones on to block out the whimpering!

So, all my thoughts this last week have been centered around agesim, baby boomer art and motherless yorkies - all in a positive frame, of course!

VISUALIZE - VISUALIZE: I'm seeing lots of web traffic and moolah from all my new age oriented designs. I've already seen a huge increase in hits on my main 3 blogs and website from my new targeting campaign. I'm also visualizing the end of dental work and I'm ignoring the steps in between.

IT'S ALL IN HOW YOU LOOK AT IT: Age is something that happens to all of us. We can let the gray hairs and the added wrinkles depress us so much that we give up. That is the fastest path to senility! I prefer to see my aging process as a natural part of life, treat it with humor and attempt to turn it into a whole new passage in my life. I'm not getting older - I'm becoming a classic and classics are worth more!

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: Yup, already said it - I'm very grateful this Pixel-Mama phrase only lasts a week or so. I'm really grateful for headsets - OMG, am I grateful. I'm grateful for the inspiration from Growing Bolder for this whole new series of graphics - they are a great bunch of people over there and they actually pay attention to their members!

Now, you boomers out there, click on the images above - grab a tee or something for your home and Join the Boomer Power Crusade!
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Darlene Siddons said...

great blog...i found your blog on google is a great advertising/promotion idea....Vision Map Videos...check them out....enjoy!!!


Pop Art Diva! said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Eileen Williams said...

Dear Ms. Pop Art Diva,
I am so excited about the creative and colorful designs you've come up with for my Feisty Boomer Boutique! Your renderings are so fresh and fun-- they're a joy to behold. I can't wait to launch the Cafe Press boutique and share them with the public.
For anyone out there who's looking for eye-catching designs that are sure-fire hits, I'm sending a long one huge recommendation. You go, girlfriend!!!

Pop Art Diva! said...

I can't wait for your store to debut either - because I'm going to need some samples to promote you - HINT HINT HINT AGAIN!