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Friday, March 6, 2009

Doing pencil sketches and doodles - Back to the Basics

Last month I started doodling again. A few months back I had started to do pencil sketch cartoons for a couple of books I'm writing and found a great personal fulfillment in doing hand drawn art again. Then I decided I needed some art just for me - just drawing for drawing's sake - doodles to feed my soul.

I've spent most of my time doing digital art in the last few years (though I was still creating original art for the shows until last May), and most of my work has been produced for some commercial project of mine or a client. These doodles are mine and mine alone. Little zen moments of time with graphite, paper and imagination.

This one entitled "Hand Drawn" happened when I was looking at my own hand resting on the drawing pad while trying to think of what I wanted to doodle!

What do these have to do with positive creativity? They bring me back to what I loved about art in the first place, they are pure, they come from the unconscious and they are an expression of creativity in the most positive way. Don't forget to sketch, doodle and devote some of your art time to just you and your first love - art for art's sake.

VISUALIZE - VISUALIZE: Let the pencil, pen, brush and paper visualize for you. Let your ideas flow from the Universe and not your world centered mind. Visualize the joy of the flow, the excitement of the movement and the surprise at the end result.

IT'S ALL IN HOW YOU LOOK AT IT: What is one man's doodle is another man's great great art. I had to overcome my judgemental, critical mind to really get started on my doodling and enjoy it. Once I let go of the idea it had to be "great art" or "professional" I freed myself up and let the fun in.

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: I'm grateful I found my way back to my "roots" so to speak. I'm grateful I am able to share some of my silliness and sketchy thoughts. I'm grateful I'm an artist.
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Adelle Laudan said...

Great post! I used to draw quite a bit. Some even said I was pretty good at it. Maybe I'll start again this summer. For whatever reason, I am more creative surrounded by the elements of nature.

Pop Art Diva! said...

Adelle - for some reason I figured you were an artist - I think because your blog is so visually appealing and interesting. I actually thought a lot of the graphics were done by you - are they?

Cindy Shepard said...

Love your attitude speak my language.....oh...and the twinkie things are priceless.

Pop Art Diva! said...

Cindy- I realized that my attitude has so much to do with my art AND my art has so much to do with my attitude this was a natural fit for positive creativity blogging, lol.

You like my I've Eaten TWINKIES Older Than You! Tees & gifts, huh - it is kinda true - don't tell anyone!!!