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Sunday, March 15, 2009


I spent this last week working to get ahead of the game. I'm going to be setting up a new internet connection on the first and just in case getting internet cable is like getting television cable, where you never know when they're going to show up, I wanted to have several posts queued up for automatic uploading.

Plus I've kept up my sketching, here's a beatnik cartoon below for my retro boomer blog's "Folk Music Retrospective HOOTENANNY."

I've also done some stream of consciousness doodling, like this one below "dam, another Broken Robot?". It started out as a doodle of a square box and ended up this way - and PLEASE don't ask me where this came from - I have no bloody idea, lol. I posted it on my Twit Wall - it seemed appropriate. I actually kind of like it - it's just silly enough to make me laugh.

I'm continuing my work on a series of new pieces for my Martini Art series. I also format these for products for my Martini Art Department at my online store, but I've also decided to use them for a new look for my free recipe cards at The Martini Diva. Below are two I've finished and uploaded to the store already:

THREE MARTINIS - Apparel, Home Decor & Gifts

LEMON AID - LEMON DROP MARTINI - Apparel, Home Decor & Gifts

I also did up a quick couple of photo montages for my Saturday Soapbox post on micro-blogging sites like Twitter - this one's Yoko but I also did one for Ringo - both of who are Twittering with the rest of us!

I'm really enjoying the new style of Martini Art I'm doing - it's utilizing my sketching as well as allowing me to doodle in one of my favorite graphics programs - Corel Painter. That is THE BEST painting program - you have use of all sorts of mediums from felt tip pens to crayons, pastels and oils and you can use them on the same canvas! In digital art you don't have the issue of chemical incompatibility that you do in real life art. Plus there's some great filters and layers that allow you to experiment with different approaches - layers are digital art's answer to tissue paper overlays, lol. I love doing abstracts and backgrounds in Corel Painter.

The new series for my Martini Art seems to have sparked a bunch of synchronicity - I decided to use them for my martini recipe cards as well as for my website and store, then I created a Garlic Martini so I could use the Three Martini art as a recipe card (the martini rocked but you have to love garlic and make your own garlic vodka.) Then I was asked to enter it into a contest (wish me luck!).

I noticed a lot of puzzle pieces falling into place this week - things I've been doing without really knowing why (doodling again) have suddenly become part of several different endeavors and projects. This is often the case for me, I'll be like this hive with all these little idea bees buzzing around and then - bzzzzt - all the little bees fly home to deliver the honey!

That's why I never toss out a sketch or an idea, sometimes the Universe knows what you're doing before you do, lol. This is a lesson I am finally learning after 5 decades - "Man plans, God laughs" - to me this means I really don't have any control and going with the flow is a healthier option than swimming upstream! Instead of trying to figure it all out and shove everything into a box, I'm finally getting the hang of "Let Go and Let God" and "it'll all come out in the wash". Think it took me long enough?

VISUALIZE VISUALIZE: I'm visualizing a whole bunch of puzzle pieces floating down to complete a beautiful picture of my life, my home and my work!

IT'S ALL IN HOW YOU LOOK AT IT: What used to drive me nuts before - the "not knowing" and the stubbornness of life to just ignore all your plans - is now something I see as adventure and happy surprises. It's funny how "in the moment" things that seem negative can turn out to be truly some of the best things that happen!

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: I'm glad I'm still able to learn new things. I'm glad this dog can be taught new tricks. I'm really grateful someone out there designed Corel Paint, graphite and sketch pads. And I'm grateful to be alive on a Sunday morning.
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Melodieann said...

I'm loving all your new stuff - except perhaps the garlic martini! Did make a bunch of Almond Joy martinis this weekend though for friends. They loved them. I was thinking of not sharing you, but decided not to keep you all to myself and told them where they could find the Martini Diva. Maybe THEY will lik garlic martinis!

Pop Art Diva! said...

Isn't the Almond Joy Martini a kicker? Tastes just like the candy bar!

You have to be a garlic lover to enjoy the Garlic Martini, admittedly - but I am a garlic lover so. . .I do!

Pop Art Diva! said...

Oh, and Melodieann, thanks for sharing my Martini Diva persona - the more the merrier, I mean it's not like I don't have enough martini recipes to go around, well over 100 by now!