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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pop Art of Mickey Mantle

This is a new digital image that I did for a post about Mickey Mantle and the Yankees.

I like to do pop art images as Tributes and Dedications to those people who meant a lot to me or influenced my life. Theses images are not for sale but they serve as samples of my pop art and portrait illustration styles. It's easier to show the quality of your work when people can see a famous face they recognize.

Unlike many of the sites that sell pop art portraits I don't run a photo through a couple of filters and drop a square of color over it. I spend a lot of time matching the background and the theme of the piece to the subject matter.

Since Mickey Mantle, aka "The Mick" was my very favorite baseball player of all time this was a fun one for me - especially since, as an adult, I got to meet Mickey - the thrill of a lifetime for me.

Though he has gone from this world, Mickey has never left the hearts of those of us who bleed Yankee Blue. Mick, hope you're hitting them out of the clouds in that big ballpark in the sky!

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