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Thursday, March 20, 2008

RAINBOW DRAGONFLIES - A New Original Acrylic Painted Sculpture Fusion

My newest painted sculpture fusion is a 20" x 20" Contemporary acrylic painting on one of my original wall sculptures. This piece is priced at $425 plus shipping/tax if required - BTW, I take VISA, MC, Checks, Cash, Travelers Checks and Money Orders - hint, hint. My e-mail is over to the right . . . .

I have a close friend, Audrey, who has been bugging me to put my dragonfly petroglyphs on one of my contemporary fusions so I finally caved! And I like it! I'll have to do more.

You win, Audrey! You were right. There I said it in black and white!

I also finished a bunch of graphics for my newest blog The The BRAT in the HAT which is the blog where I get to release my pet peeves into cyberspace. I did a really cool animated masthead and a really fun video poem for that blog and it was a kick. I love doing graphics on the computer!

I also did a really nice pop art of a vintage 1940s telephone when I was inspired by a post I was writing about getting too many phone calls and if you click here you can see that new piece of digital art.

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