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Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's Hard to Paint and Create Art When You're Sick

I sorta feel like this abstract art I did - BIODEGRADABLE ALIEN GOO

I've been "under the weather" this week, probably from all the stress of trying to do art shows, run a website, 8 blogs and write articles for my How to Do Art Shows for Fun and Profit" series of teleseminars.

So I didn't get much studio time. It's kind of tough to struggle with guy type tools like nail guns and such when you're scrunched over and moaning "whoa is me, I be icky".

But I did manage to get the important stuff done like broadcast my second free teleseminar "Techniques for Selling and Marketing Your Art at an Art Show".

And I took some time to visit one of my favorite artist sites, Empty Easel to peruse their plethora of artist goodies! I love that site - and not just because they published one of my articles - really, it's just packed with great stuff for artists of all kinds. I wanna be like them when I grow up!

The rest of the time I'm resting up and trying to get back to my Normal Challenged™ self in order to be in tip top shape for yet another art show in Sedona this weekend!

After all, "icky" is not the best attitude for selling art!

BIODEGRADABLE ALIEN GOO is available as archival prints and giclees on canvas in various sizes at Copyright 2008 by All rights reserved. No permission is given to copy, distribute or reproduce without written permission from

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