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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ART IS ART IS ART - If you make it pretty they will come?

I haven't been in the studio for a few weeks but I have been making art! I've been creating some images for my navigation icons on my new shop - the PopArtDiva Boutique and for the redesign of

Summer is generally the time I work mostly on my web spots and online enterprises because I have fewer art shows. This is especially nice when you live in Arizona - you get to work at home, inside, awash in air conditioning! It gets so hot here that it's not even fun to go out to the movies because you end up soaked in sweat just walking to the car! So I'm happy with my keyboard and my Wacom tablet and a cold Pepsi!

The image here is the icon you click to enter my Pop Art Section! I took several of my pop art images that are featured in the store and combined them and added the type for navigation. I plan to use the same icons on my website's homepage - I love to be able to use one image for more than one purpose! Check out the store to see some of the other icons I designed.

When you have a large site you have to break it down into sections and the best way to point people where you want them to go is by an image, or icon if you want to use computer vernacular. Images are really critical on a web page - they keep people's interest and they can create focus on important areas. You have to known how to keep them small and still get your message across. A picture really is worth a thousand words on the web so you want a relevant image or combination of images that are clean and viewable at a smaller size.

When I created the icons I used art from the sections that was going to reduce well, have a dynamic impact and give the best impression of what images were available in that section of my store. These are things you want to think about when you're creating composite images or icons for your sites.

So, a little lesson in designing web images and a little update about my artistic activities! If you want an update on my personal life and my other obsessions stop by The Martini Diva and The Diva of Tiny Foods!!!

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