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Friday, July 4, 2008


It's summer and I don't do a lot of work for art shows in the summer - and frankly I think I'm retired from art shows altogether!! I've been planning to stop because I'm getting older and the physical demands are getting too much for a baby boomer with a damaged back.

The economy may just have sped up my retirement plans - high gas prices tends to make art shows a low priority destination! Thank God I got my web businesses started a few years ago!

I've planned to go entirely into my web enterprises within a short time anyway. I just finished creating all my online stores and have linked all my blogs to them (you'll see a link to my free CafePress store for this blog at the bottom of the post). I've spent the last month revamping to help promote my art, my online stores and my other sites as well and I'm almost finished with that revamp - probably the end of next week!

This image above is a screen shot off one of my new product pages that I took while checking the code live - I've streamlined the shopping card and shipping information and created an image based navigation system in addition to the top nav bar - people love to click on icons and pictures! Every piece of art has several links to the online store page where that art is on cups, tees, cards, aprons, coasters and more merchandise, as well as posters for $25!

In this economy it's good to have your art on merchandise in a wide price range instead of just giclees on gallery wrap canvases that start at nearly $200!

I may also add a graphic design page - I've had so many requests from my online friends and business associates to do mastheads and graphics like the ones I've done for my sites and blogs that I've decided to add that service. I'm working on the fee schedule right now but it looks like I'll have fees starting as low as $250 for an animated masthead of a company logo up to $500 for a simple logo design. I've already started on 3 projects for my Baby Boomer Diva sisters.

So that's where I've been - just in case you've wondered if I fell off the face of the earth - I did, I fell into cyberspace and just came up for some fresh air before I dive back in later today!

Now go buy a tee shirt, cup or poster at my store and help support the arts by supporting an artist - ME!

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Pam Archer said...

You are so talented, that I fully expect you to retire in luxury!

Good luck on your store. Some day I am going to be able to afford some of your art.

PopArtDiva said...

I love being an artist and hope never to retire - though I do hope for the luxury!!!!