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Saturday, June 21, 2008


People think that artists don't work. They think we sleep 'til noon, have a few lattes, throw some paint at a canvas and call it a day. They think we doodle for a few hours and then party into the wee hours of the morning.

I'd love to have them follow me around for a week or two. Right now I am in the middle of revamping I do love doing my websites but there is more drudge work involved than pure creativity. I just spent the last two weeks resizing and organizing all my images for the new pages. Bah. Total drudgery. Not fun at all.

I do not sleep until noon, I work about 16 hours a day sitting at a computer screen. My coffee is slurped in between keystrokes. I haven't done a fun, creative thing since I started to lay out the templates, resize the art and burn files to DVDs. I'm saving my party for when I upload my shiny new website look.

Prior to the web revamp I was building my online store at CafePress. More work and long hours. Next I will start the designs for the three new domains I just bought. In between I will allow myself the luxury of designing some new pieces for my stores and websites and posting to my blogs. Oh, and I might sleep a little and catch up on all the Top Chef episodes waiting for me in my DVR!

Oh, btw, the design above is one of my abstracts I did when I actually was having fun as an artist! I call it Robin Williams Shirt because it was inspired by comic Robin Williams shirt!

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Kathie Thomas said...

Amazing the assumptions people make, isn't it? I get lots of assumptions about me too. Just the other week, someone at church asked me if I write fulltime - they only know of me as a writer. They didn't realise I actually run a full time business and do other things too.

Melodieann said...

Not wanting to add to your workload, but I hope we will soon be adding creating Bob's design. But hopefully, that will be more fun than drudgery. Maybe I'll send him to you for a week - for some personal inspiration!

Pop Art Diva! said...

Doing fun graphics for a doggie is NEVER work for me! Laughed at loud at your "inspiration" ploy! But I'd take Bob - I love Dogs of all colors, sizes, shapes, and political backgrounds lol.

Beverly Mahone said...

Someone once told me "Do what you love and you'll love what you do!" But loving it doesn't always pay the bills---that's my take on it.

I do believe you are terrific at what you do and even though it may not seem fun at times, it comes across as FUN to us because of your creativity!

Hillbilly Artist - H. Hinkle said...

Hi ...stumbled upon your blog while working...I am an artist too. So here I sit long hours on the computer, working on websites, etc... no partying here either, unless you count staying up till 2 am so I actually have time to do ART! Going to go check out your art now. Peace

Pop Art Diva! said...

Hillbilly Artist - Thanks for stopping by!

And people think artists just sit around dabbing some paint and drinking wine!