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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Martini Art, Fun Twitter Tees & Gifts & Other Pop Art Goodies

Instead of posting here the last few month of Sundays I've been doing other arty things like painting coffee tables, arranging my art collection and decorating my new home - but I have been getting things done graphics/art wise.

I did another illustrated martini diva nano story - recognize my favorite actor anywhere in here:
And I've been posting my Martini Recipe Cards - some classic cocktails, some martini smoothies and some fun herb infused martinis:

AND I've been in the process of reformatting (yet again) all my art for my new Zazzle stores because I'm moving them over from CafePress (who just changed their commission pay policies and cut a large chunk of my profit off!).
I just finished four designs for my new Zazzle store: TweetleBirdie - Fun Stuff for Twitter Fans and Other Social Media Lovers. I also have two other stores The PopArtDiva Gift Gallery and The Martini Diva Boutique - both of which I am currently adding designs to as I get them reformatted. Below is a my little "window display" for the store and you can shop right here for my tees, posters (in lots of sizes and framing available!), caps, aprons, great cup choices and even business cards!

My little window display allows you to stop motion, zoom in on any product, make a comment about the product, rate my products and click to buy right here!

So, I just wanted to let you know I have not been idle even if my blog posts here have been!

VISUALIZE VISUALIZE: I've been visualizing new clients and new accounts. Several of my old accounts have fizzled out - either due to their own lack of business sense or the economy so I've drummed up new business to take up the slack. I also visualized finally getting my art collection and family heirlooms out of storage and back into my life and here they all sit - gloriously adorning my new home and bringing back many memories of my family and friends from years ago. I am also visualizing prosperity for this country! So many people I know are suffering and I want to see them and all of us get back on our feet and get back our feeling of security of hearth and home (please join me in this visualization - see your friends happy and smiling as they go off to new jobs, drive up to new homes and enjoy their families in a haven of safety and financial prosperity - and don't forget to see that for yourself too!)

IT'S ALL IN HOW YOU LOOK AT IT: I am making valiant efforts to maintain seeing the current financial struggles of today's world as a challenge in how to be creative in finding new work, new sources of income and creatively adjust my spending habits. One thing I noticed was that I could eat dinner for a buck if I was willing to eat junk food every night - but as much as I love Jack in the Box tacos I think I'd end up spending more money to buy a bigger car to fit my bigger butt in, lol. But I can buy on sale and I love pasta and potatoes so it harms me not to use less meat. Plus I planted my own herb garden - cheaper than buying them fresh at the store!

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: I continue to be grateful for my friends who helped me get my things out of storage and down here to my new home, who brought the rest of my things and even a huge TV out from Arizona, who continue to share my troubles and my joys as I share theirs. I am grateful to have my family photos again - to see and remember the good times with my Mom, Dad, Sister, Ken and my beloved pets. Though they are gone I am so grateful they were all in my life. I am grateful to still have a room over my head and food to eat. I am grateful for the work I get and I am grateful I still have my little Pixel to cuddle with on days like today when the thundershowers storm all around us.

Til the next time - Peace, Prosperity and Joy to you, may you find it in unexpected places!
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