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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PopArtDiva Painting Original Pop Art Divas - Original Art!

After nearly a year and a half haitus I have started to paint "real life" paintings again. I have started a line of miniature ORIGINAL acrylic paintings called The Pop Art Divas - check them out on my new Pop Art Diva Blog just for them.

Since I retired from the art shows a year ago this last May I've been doing art solely on the computer. Around January of this year I followed an urge to start "doodling" again and stocked up on #2 pencils and sketch pads and started cartooning for my own artistic pleasure - you've seen many of those posted here and on my other blogs.

Just recently I found myself badly missing the feel of a brush in my hand and enjoying the sensual pleasure of applying paint to a blank canvas. When I found a stack of little canvas boards I got an inspiration - why shouldn't the PopArtDiva paint Pop Art Divas? I love painting faces and I love retro style sixties cartoon style pop art. These little canvas boards made me realize I could do little paintings and this allowed me to create the time for some painting and art for art's sake again!

I'll be doing these in my spare time (which isn't much) and posting them for sale on my new Etsy Site! So far I've gotten 8 sketches done and I'm really looking forward to the painting stage! To keep up with their progress visit the Pop Art Divas Blog.

I expect the prices for these little mini masterpieces to run from around $20 or $25 up to about $100 each, plus any shipping and/or sales taxes. They'll be for sale on my Etsy store but I will announce them as they're created and post photos and stories about them here.

I have some plans to create some original hand-painted martini glasses too - I just bought 20 martini glasses and some porcelain paint for those! I'll be letting you know when that project starts too, but in the meantime. . . .

Stop by and read my introduction post and check out the very first sketches for my new Pop Art Divas series of original art!

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