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Thursday, February 14, 2008


I just finished several new original painted sculpture fusions in preparation for my show this weekend. These are my abstract acrylic paintings on an original abstract sculpture.

It's hard to really appreciate the sculpture and the textures in a two dimensional format - especially at these photo sizes.

This piece, entitled "Fill the Palette of Your Life with Color" is approximately 24" x 30" and can be hung either vertically or horizontally.

Generally these are done without the writing - this time I just had to do it. I have always liked the idea of putting in prose or statement in my fine art, but have shied away from it. There is always the chance that the words will change how a person views the art itself. But I kept feeling the pull to add the little sayings and I went ahead and did it.

I kept the wording small and discreet for the most part. It's something you have to be up close to see and that was my intent, a little surprise that sneaks up on you. I signed this work on the front - something I rarely do, my work is usually signed and dated on the back. My work is totally unique to me - no one else has anything quite like it - so the art itself serves as my signature. I'm not fond of garish, ego signatures that fight the art for attention. My opinion is the art should be the focus, not the artist.

What is hard to show here is the really interesting organic textures I have created in the sculpture itself. You get some idea of the texture by the close-up photo, but you can't really appreciate the depth of the texturizing and the fine details that cover the piece. Below is a photo of the sculpture before any painting is done - it should give you some idea of the sculpture textures and depth. The pieces are designed to "float" off the wall - they have struts on the back that lift the piece about 1-3/4 inches from the wall.
I have several proprietary mediums and techniques I use to create this work. One is the sculpting medium itself and others include how I get those really cool organic textures that look like snake and lizard skin and other natural elements. The sculptures take from 2 to 5 days to complete, the paintings take from 2 to 10 days depending on the size of the work and the complexity of the painting.

I cannot plan the paintings as they are stimulated by what happens in the sculpting stage. I can't really plan the sculptures either - trying to force the sculpture into something you want will kill the spontaneous textures that are at the heart of this work. Those textures and the flow of the sculpture are what make these exciting for me to paint. As a result each piece is a surprise for me and a challenge. This is what keeps this series fresh and exciting. If I'm not challenged I get bored easily and the quality of my work would suffer.

Though these pieces look heavy they are not. The largest piece pictured (30"x40") weighs considerably less than a framed and glassed print of the same size. You don't need any special hanging apparatus other than a molly bolt or one of these new s-hooks available. And they're washable and durable. I've shipped them all over the world with nary a break or a chip - ever.

I also finished a 30" x 40" (below), a 10" x 40" (not pictured) and a 12" x 30" (below) which is inspired by the petroglyphs here in the Southwest. Several people have asked for my colors in a Southwest theme so here's my attempt. I have a 20"x20" that I plan to do some dragonflies on, but I was tired and wanted to get into a hot shower and some clean clothes! I have a long day tomorrow before the show and rest is high on my agenda tonight!
Theses pieces range in price from about $300 to around $5,000 (plus shipping and packing costs) if you get them from me. If you buy them from one of my galleries the prices range from double to quadruple that, depending on the gallery. I do commissions, if you're looking for certain colors and sizes so feel free to contact me.
No, I do not consign my work, so don't ask. Pony up the cash and they're yours. I take Visa, Master Card, checks, money orders, and cash.

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Karlyn said...

These are so vibrant and beautiful!