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Sunday, February 10, 2008

VALENTINE'S DAY - New Art Inspired by Modern Love?

If you really LOVE ME you'll bring me a MARTINI and drop something sparkly in it!

This is definitely a Fabulous Fifties Female piece, but it also fits into my new category of Martini Art and my Just 4 Divas Series. It's available in various sizes as fine art prints and as giclees on canvas at

Valentine's Day bugs me. How did we turn the birthday of a saint into a marketing tactic? Oh well, you can read more about my Valentine Day Rant here.

The best thing about art is how the things that bug you or inspire you can both be used as "muse fodder" for your visual art!

Not only did I decide to create a Valentine Martini, I created art inspired by love - or what passes for it in the minds of some, lol!

Please note the Tiffany blue background, the little blue gift box - there's no package design out there quite as famous as the "Little Blue Box" from Tiffany & Co. in New York! Every woman should get at least one in her lifetime and it should have a diamond in it!!! Be sure to take a close peek at the martini - this is one of those lucky ladies!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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