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Monday, February 4, 2008

NEW ART - Portrait of a Soiled Dove


This is both a Mad Masterpiece, a Just 4 Divas and a Martini Art piece all in one! Killing three birds with one stone - it is a parody, of course. I'm kind of into humor lately.

You never know what will inspire you. This piece was a result of a conversation with a friend about archaic terms for "women of ill repute".

That inspired a post on my ROAD to DIVA blog about the words and that inspired this piece.

Those archaic terms for a shady lady are so verbally rich - my imagination went right into feather boas and masterpieces of nudes.

I had great fun with this piece - I usually do with my parodies - but I got to kick some social commentary butt with this one, both artistically and poetically! (Is poetically a word???) The olive as a replacement for the fig leaf is my idea of a visual pun.

In my Diva pieces I usually have some form of a woman's fashionable shoe, and the martini is always present in a Just 4 Diva piece too. And I love to put in some totally unassociated items somewhere in my digital work - the olive is my oddball here - though it does fit with the martini.

This piece is available as an archival print and a giclee on canvas at my website and it will soon be available on a number of other products like tees, cups, aprons, cards and more at the PopArtDiva Boutique which will open fully in March.

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