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Saturday, March 29, 2008

This is what my tee shirt looks like after an hour or two of painting!

I am a messy painter. I get in such a hurry when I'm painting that I don't want to take the time to find a rag to wipe my brush on. Both my hands are usually filled with loaded brushes so I can switch quickly back and forth and I don't have extra fingers for a paint rag! I've even been known to stick a brush in my mouth and behind my ear! I'm a little crazed when I paint.

I've gotten into the bad habit of wiping my brush on my shirts and pants. Fortunately these are older clothes that I no longer plan to wear in public due to a coffee stain or such. But it is still a bad habit because I have been known to walk into my studio to do something and then found myself looking at my current work in progress, grabbing a brush "just to fix this little spot here" and ended up working in my good clothes - which then end up with paint on them!

I actually like what happens to some of these shirts. This one from last week's painting session I really ended up liking - it has a wonderful flavor of abstract insanity! I'm going to wear it to my art show tomorrow just for the fun of it! I'm not called The NORMAL CHALLENGED ARTIST for nothing!

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