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Monday, April 7, 2008


I've been a busy little bee this week - or a busy little ducky with a thong issue, whatever the case, I've created two - count them - two new pop arts inspired by posts on some of my other blogs! And I created the ad in the post below and have 3 new sculpture fusions done!

Plus I am preparing to be interviewed for a teleseminar on Preparing for An Art Show!

Anyway, back to ducks and thongs - I was a little bugged by a few anal retentive busy bodies who try to get me to "keep my ducks in a row" so I kvetched about it on BRAT in the HAT. I needed some art to go with the rant so I powered up my graphics computer, photographed the rubber ducks and made some fun little pixs for the post. Then I decided they would make a great pop art for a kid's room or for anyone who is an odd duck and had to do the pop art Rubber Duckys - Ducks of a Different Color.

The day before I was blogging about thongs/flip-flops on my pop culture blog and needed a graphic for the post so away I went on a thong pop art mission and "Flip Flops Aren't Thongs?" was born!

See, artists really do work! And you thought we slept 'til noon and ate bon bons in bed all day, didn't you?


Pam Archer said...

These are my favorite so far. I would love to have poster prints of them.

Pop Art Diva! said...

Pam - I have 18" x 24" posters of all my art - I just haven't put them on my website because I'm redesigning it soon and will add them then.

18x24 is a standard poster size and you can find frames really cheap at Michaels, Walmart, Etc. They'll be $30.00 plus shipping costs.

If you ever want a poster just holler at me and I'll get one to you!

Isn't the Rubber Duckys one cute? I'm the little duck with the beanie, lol.

GMS said...

Oh boy Terri, you blow my mind! lol
How do you find the time ti be so talented??????? I WANT A POSTER TOO!!! Have you got a page with all your designs??

I loved the ducks, but loved the things even more! Would love a poster of them!

Debbie xxx