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Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm a day late posting this new Make Yourself Some Money art. I fiddled with it longer than I expected and didn't finish in time to post yesterday.

But here it is - I made myself into money - pop art money! And I made it a big denomination - hey, why mess around with chump change?

It is one way I can do pop art portraits of people and even pets. I can change all the copy to suit whoever orders the portrait and the back side (for actually printing out their own play money!) can have their pet or whatever they want on it.

I plan to offer the front of the bill as fine art giclees at 10" x 24" on a 2" gallery wrap canvas for $500.00 which includes shipping within the continental US and sales tax (prices subject to change). Heck, if you want the back of the bill too you can get another!
Contact me at: to order!

Now how cool would it be to have your own face on your own money hanging on your wall? It's a nice little way to focus your prosperity visualization! Which leads me to. . . . . . . .

TODAY'S PRACTICE OF UNIVERSAL LAW and POSITIVE THOUGHT as it relates to my life as an artist:

  • ABUNDANCE COMETH: I finished not only this Personalized Money Pop Art, but 4 new Martini Art Designs for my Pop Art Diva Boutique and my website, I've already sold four items with the new designs. I love martinis and this love inspires a whole series of Martini Art works. Yes, the universe/God will bring you what you ask for but I don't think it/He expects you to be lolly gagging around eating bon bons and waiting for it to drop in your lap. I think you have to do your part. That's called work, people. You got to do your part!
  • VISUALIZE VISUALIZE: I'm posting my own Money up where I can see it to aid in my visualization of more prosperity. I'm also trying to get more specific on my new home. I'm attempting to ask for what I want and not say what I don't want! So, I've added a porch all around - I love porches that go all around a house! Oh, and I added a waterfall to my pool! I think I might add a martini bar in the middle of the pool!
  • IT'S ALL IN HOW YOU LOOK AT IT: I had a little fender bender yesterday. You can read more about it on my rant blog, The Brat in the Hat. Not the best thing to have happen, but it could have been worse and Petunia, my car, still works just fine. I got all my "upset" out on the rant blog. How I look at it now? I'm not big about cars anyway. To me they are simply a mode of transportation and not a symbol of my success or my abilities. I will have to tell my chauffeur I'm getting in the future to watch out for badly placed light poles, lol!
  • ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: Today I am grateful that I didn't hit another car or a person instead of that pole. I am grateful for BlogTalkRadio where I get to host my own Retro Inspired Pop Culture Talk Show and I'm really grateful to my friends who called in this morning so I didn't have to talk to myself for an hour! I am always grateful for Pixel who keeps me company and makes me happy to come home to see her little wiggling butt and happy doggy face!
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Dr. Sally Witt said...

Pop Art Diva,

Is that YOUR butt on the back of the gazillion dollars? Either way, good for you! LOL

Wonderful ideas, as always.


PopArtDiva said...

LOL - I wish - no, that's a nice little cowboy butt. Cowboys have such nice butts! I plan to redo the back and put Pixel in - she's been complaining I don't give her enough exposure, teehee!