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Sunday, August 3, 2008


TODAY'S PRACTICE OF UNIVERSAL LAW and POSITIVE THOUGHT as it relates to my life as an artist:

I did a new Martini Recipe Art (for products on the PopArtDiva Boutique) - Jackass, The Martini - it's a joke martini that was inspired by my dislike of the sophomoric film Jackass, The Movie - see even things you dislike can spark your creativity! My humor at work again.

I also wrote several post drafts my Retro Pop Culture Blog, and created the recipe cards for The Martini Diva™ and The DIVA of TINY FOODS™ - I'm finding my positive thought practices also seem to be giving me greater focus on all the creative aspects of my work - my writing as well as my art, interesting! I wonder - does a more positive mindset clear the cobwebs and let the universal muse through easier??

I need to have a lot of dental work done. I don't have dental insurance and, frankly, don't have tens of thousands of dollars for the proper work. I have - in the past! - gone in to the bathroom, looked at my teeth and despaired. The other day I was doing just that and realized I could use this time for visualizing a beautiful mouth full of sparkling, shiny teeth instead! This is a giant step forward for me because it means that my mind is beginning to train itself to think on a positive track! Plus what a great use of the time spent oogling myself in a mirror, lol! I think I'll photoshop a great set of choppers onto a photo of my mouth, size it to my actual mouth and paste it on the mirror where my new smile will be!

As a digital artist I spend a huge amount of time editing large files in graphics programs. No matter how large a hard drive, how fast a CPU, how much RAM, there is still a great amount of time wasted in waiting for filters to process and files to save - especially at the size files I work on. Friday I was sitting there swearing at my computer "hurry up you bloody box - I haven't got all day!" - my usual rant at the time wasted. For some reason I looked over at the area where my mouse and Wacom tablet were and there sat my "Faith" rock. How it got there is beyond me, I keep it by my bed! But there it was and then I realized that I could use that "wasted" time by grabbing my rock and practicing some belief and faith exercises as well as a few gratitudes while my computer slugged away instead of grumbling and strumming my fingers in agitation! Another breakthrough in my thought patterns!

I also did a quick little graphic for the masthead for my Boundless Living Profile - I've joined the 45 day challenge there with some specific goals in mind. Interestingly enough, I was invited to it about the same time as I decided to take a left turn on this blog by adding my universal law practices to it - hmmmmm.
Speaking of rocks, I also have a "gratitude" rock I use in helping me focus my mind during the time I practice being grateful for what I have. For some reason this rock helps me focus. I do not allow myself to think of anything but gratitude while I hold it or stroke it. If I find my mind wandering I put the rock down until I can refocus! (I sort of don't want any energy there except gratitude energy - yeah, hippy-dippy but, hey, energy is energy!) This particular rock is actually a piece of amethyst crystal cut into a very odd shape by a friend of mine who has since left this plane of existence., so I also feel a closeness to him at the same time. A double whammy of good stuff!

So today I am really, really grateful for my sense of humor, my creatively warped brain and the synchronicity of the mechanisms of the Universe/God. I am also grateful for the fact it is raining and cooling down, I am grateful for my friend Audrey and her invitation to the Boundless challenge, I am grateful I am not sitting at an art show during a monsoon and I'm grateful for my pretty rocks that serve a higher purpose for me.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, a whole bunch of good stuff here!

You have put so many of the spiritual laws of attraction here in this blog. Good for you!

Just keep open to those little hints and big hints so that you can make the changes that you need to do to get what you want.

Thank you for sharing yourself and your ideas so freely.



PopArtDiva said...

I'm open to the hints - I just have to make sure I don't miss them! It's all a matter of keeping awareness and a positive outlook for me.

Right now I'm watching the opening ceremonies of The Olympics - so beautiful and such a wonderful message! Amazing visuals! Every artist should watch this!