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Thursday, August 14, 2008


I finished this commission for a pop art sixties style portrait for Eileen William's Boomer Blog, The Feisty Side of Fifty which she will be using on her masthead there soon.
This turned out so wonderful and Eileen was really pleased and excited as it will work for all her media needs as well as for her new book. I loved this pop portrait because it was right up my pop culture art alley! This will definitely bring in more portrait commissions and I loved doing it! See, follow your passion and success will follow that!

Though I have been stressing over money (who doesn't these days?) I am holding fast to my belief that the Universe/God will provide. But that worry creeps in, doesn't it? Though the Universe/God did bring me another graphics job, plus I finished a logo so that check is coming, and another graphics job check is due any day, my past worry patterns insist on sticking little worry thorns in my side. "But what about tomorrow???" used to be my motto! This from someone who did art shows for a living and relied on the fickle art buying public?!

I was talking about this stressing behavior with my friend, Audrey, and she said I was "blocked". I understand that - I do have some serious brick walls to hurdle in my journey to trust. But, as we drank a couple of my Orange Julius Martinis from The Martini, Audrey showed me an exercise to unblock myself (an EFT from the Boundless Living Challenge) - it's a simple mantra that you speak as you tap your pressure points. I thought - hey, it can't hurt and started to practice the exercise that evening.

The very next morning I got an e-mail about possibly getting a celebrity guest on my retro pop culture talk show. That is so huge for a show that's only been on for a month!

Plus it's not just one comedian - it's a flock of them I might get to interview - fun and business all rolled into one - I love it!

(BTW, here is the image/brand/logo I created for my show "Trippin' Down Memory Lane" - it's kind of my own
pop art logo for my show and I really like the retro microphone, radio and player juxtaposed with the contemporary pop image of myself.)

Next thing? I sailed over my block about my creating how to videos on making various designer martinis and did my first video HOW TO MAKE A KEY LIME PIE MARTINI!

I've been wanting to do these videos for ages and just never "got to it" though it was a simple matter of making a video while I made martinis - something I do quite often!

This will not only create more buzz for but the
y're fun to make and I get to drink the martini afterwards to celebrate! Love your work and it will love you back!

I have wanted my own home for ages - since I sold my house in California some time back. I miss having a real studio where my work does not overflow into my "life" constantly. As an artist I need to get away from my art occasionally! But I have been finding it hard to visualize where I want to live because ....... I kept putting conditions on why I couldn't go where I wanted (I can't afford that area!). You know what I realized this week? I realized that how I get my home I want where I want my home is not my worry! I have limited myself and God/The Universe by putting real life conditions on my dreams! You bet I know where I want to live and I don't have to worry about how I get to live there! I just have to visualize it and give power to my dream! That realization gave me back my dream of my perfect home and studio. Why do we let our dreams go? They are so important to our quality of life!

I couldn't get into the dog groomer and decided to clip Pixel myself. That's about as stupid as cutting your own hair, lol! I spent all day Sunday shearing off her coat - she wiggled, I slipped, each time she wiggled a little more fuzz came off until I had a naked dog! I mean all the way down to nothing! I have a Yorkipoo that looks like an overgrown chihuahua now! It's not the best look for Pixel. I am not an artist with dog clippers, mea culpa, my bad, poor Pixel. But her beautiful fuzzy look will be back in weeks, it's hot and she seems to like the Paris Hilton look for summer, lol! She's cute no matter how much or how little fuzzy she's got going on - I, on the other hand, am not and thankfully I was smart enough to pay a professional to give me my punk spike look!

I am grateful I was smart enough not to take the dog clippers to my own hair (as I have been known to do!) I am grateful Pixel is cute enough to survive a bad haircut! I am grateful I was able to twist my body enough to do a French manicure on my toes and that, as an artist I am able to do it without guides. My toes are really cute now - for an old broad.

I am grateful that I decided I needed a Key Lime Pie Martini and said "oh, heck, let's just set up the video and go for it" - I am now started on my video series for The Martini Diva - and it's really fun! Next one is being done over at Audrey's - funny costumes and a few martinis make for great laughter and bring the energy level very high!

I am truly grateful for the realizations and breakthroughs I've had this week - they dragged me out of my money-stress-slump and brought me to a great level of business acumen this week!

I am grateful I woke up today, I am grateful for the friends I have, I am grateful for the family I had and I am grateful to be living in a world where I have a chance to change myself into a better person and a better artist.

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feistysideoffifty said...

WOW! I've been looking for those love beads--didn't realize I left them hanging from my sign.

Thank you Ms. Pop Art Diva for creating a fabulous and feisty masthead for my site. It's colorful, eye-catching, and wildly fun. The spirit of the sixties is alive and well and Feisty Side of Fifty will wear it proudly.

Loved your martini video and, BTW, I'm grateful you didn't use the dog clippers on your hair, too!

PopArtDiva said...

Thanks Eileen - I loved doing your pop art portrait and I love the way it turned out! I'm posting it all over the place, lol.

Yeah, me and dog clippers - not a good artistic combination :).

Virtual Woman's Day said...

PIXEL reminds me of when I got new shears for our chow chow a few years ago. It was summer and she really hated going to the groomer. So I decided to give her a little trim. Well I started down the backside and she had this reverse mohawk going on. What was I to do? Couldn't let my beautiful puppy go around in public looking like that. So I shaved all her fur (except her face and fee). She turned out to look like a lion and the spaniel next door was terrified!

Anyway, after that Geisha Girl decided she liked the groomer better than me and never let me give her another "trim."

Terry, Love your blog and all your great posts. If I were a martini drinker would probably devour the wonderful recipes. I prefer tequila (PETRON).

Would you care to submit one or two for WE Magazine for Women?

Have a great day... and more.

Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher & Editor in Chief

PopArtDiva said...

Heidi - I laughed at the mohawk part - I know what you mean! Our poor puppies and what they put up with!

Thank God they love us unconditionally!