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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This blog is about my life as an artist and my journey through the universe as a creatively driven person. Since I have also been working to create a more positive and more abundant life in all ways - creatively, financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically - I have decided to add a more personal dimension to this online journal.

I recently retired from doing art shows for a living to concentrate on my online businesses that include my website, my online boutique, my online radio shows, and other web enterprises. I did art shows for nearly 30 years professionally and, frankly, I was getting burned out with the physical demands, the unpredictable income, the weather issues, the greedy promoters and the fickleness of the buying public. I had plans to retire and concentrate on my web enterprises. Though this "retirement" had been planned for some time, it came about much earlier than anticipated as a result of the economic upheavals of these times.

At first I was thrown into a downward spiral as I watched my main income source dwindle to practically nothing in a matter of weeks - but then I realized that maybe, just maybe, this was the Universe/God telling me that it's time to move on to my new life - both the creative one and the personal one.

I made the decision to take that big leap into the unknown and turn all my energies towards what I truly want my life to be as I head towards my next 50 years. I have committed myself to doing what is necessary to make that life happen. Part of that commitment is to be more diligent with my thoughts, more grateful for my talents and blessings received, more goal oriented and more adaptable to how my revenue is generated! This new blog direction is going to help me organize and work on those commitments.

Lately I have discovered that the Universe/God will provide in unusual ways. With that in mind, I shall practice thinking more carefully about what I want for my life, work towards it with all my creative energies, devote my time and my talents towards my end goals, be open and adaptable to how life can twist and turn, then let the Universe/God take care of the rest. That's all any of us can do!

Each of my posts will now have

  • Abundance Cometh - my latest art and creative endeavors (like my new talk show, a new website, a new artistic outlet)
  • Visualize, Visualize - my goals for the moment - the progress and challenges
  • It's All In How You Look At It - my attempts to turn negative mindset into positive energy
  • Attitude of Gratitude - listing a few things I'm grateful for in the moment
We all have bad days or experiences and I'll post about those moments on my rant blog, The Brat in the Hat. I highly recommend everyone have a rant blog - it allows for venting, gets the issue out and lets you move on with your life. And it's cheaper than therapy! Let's be honest - we all deal with negative situations on a day to day basis and old, grumpy habits die hard - you can stuff it down and deal with it later or you can air it out and let the Universe/God deal with it! I just do it in print. Maybe, someday down the road, I won't need a rant blog anymore because . . .

This journal is me climbing out of the hole of old thinking patterns and the battered baggage of old habits. At least it should be an interesting study, at best an inspiration for others.

  • ABUNDANCE COMETH: my newest art created for the humor section of the PopArtDiva Boutique is here.
  • VISUALIZE VISUALIZE: I want to become more financially secure so I've created my own money, I'll post the finished "currency" tomorrow here and on - and I can make custom money for you too!
  • IT'S ALL IN HOW YOU LOOK AT IT: Like I said, what I saw as a bad thing - losing my way to earn my main income, may actually be the gateway to the life I really wanted! It took a little lightening bolt from the Universe/God to strike this concept into my mind. During a moment of "poor me-itis" while I bemoaned my situation a thought passed through my head that I was "bitch slapped by God" - this immediately cracked me up and awakened my funny bone, my biggest savior in life. The Universe/God has a wicked and twisted sense of humor when it comes to my life.
  • ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: Today I am especially grateful for my creativity, the talents I have been blessed with and my slightly warped sense of humor. These have always been my salvation and now they may be my key to success.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, Terri has left the building. The next act is PopArtDiva!

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