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Friday, August 7, 2009

Like Forrest Gump says: #@!% Happens - especially with kittens!

I have neglected this blog for the last several weeks and I apologize. I just honestly couldn't face it. Sorry, but it seems as though my life is falling through the cracks a bit and I have a whale of a wonked back on top of it - or because of it!

But life and work go on so I toughed it out and got the redesign of my homepage on Pop Art Diva Dot Com finished - and with it I created a whole new look to my logo and masthead which I am in love with because it's so totally retro pop art looking! I love it so much I'm going to use the right side for a new design for the Pop Art Diva Gift Gallery later this week (oh, okay maybe next week when my back isn't humpty dumptied).

BTW, I'd love it if you would click the masthead and give me your opinion on the look of my homepage - I'm redesigning the whole website to integrate my stores and might use this look if ya'll like it!

I have also created six new online stores (which means new mastheads for all) and been designing new art and redesigning some of my existing art for them. Check them out to see the new mastheads and the new product art below:

The PopArtDiva™ Gift Gallery

The Martini Diva™ Boutique


Cocktail Napkin Wit & Wisdom

The Normal Challenged Artist™ Shoppe

TweetleBirdie - Twitter Stuff

I am also working on a web design for another artist - it's really looking good and her work is just fantastic which helps.

And yes, there were quite a few new Martini Recipes and the graphic design for their recipe cards at The Martini Diva - I did 2 whole weeks of Think Pink (including a design for tees, aprons, cups for breast cancer awareness and that graphic was really cute:

So, I've been busy even if you haven't read about it here!

VISUALIZE VISUALIZE: Right now I'm visualizing 2 things: a heating pad and the bed and hoping to take the ache out of my back!

IT'S ALL IN HOW YOU LOOK AT IT: You never see all that's going on around you - even though I haven't been posting here it didn't mean I wasn't creating! - sometimes things are going on in the background that you're not even aware of! I think it is wise to always consider those hidden things when we make our life decisions. Just consider that wheels are turning even when you think they aren't!

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: Even though I'm in pain I'm grateful that it is something I'm familiar with (sadly too familiar with back pain), something that I know will go away if I take care of it. Not everyone who suffers pain is that lucky are they?

I'm also grateful (well, I think I am) for my new family member - Kitty Tink! This tiny ball of grey and white fur adopted me about a month ago and though her kitten schizophrenic behavior drives me batty it also serves as a wonderful source of laughter and entertainment - especially since I got a laser pointer to tease her with!
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